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AVP Is The Vehicle Protection Solution Expert

AVP – B.H.P.H. products have been customized to fit the needs of the B.H.P.H. dealership.

Limited Warranties:

  • Reserve for the repairs you already make.
  • Reduce the amount of stress when the vehicle needs repaired for you, and your customer.
  • Monthly incremental billing for better cash flow.

Debt Cancellation Addendums:

  • Protects your collateral.
  • No property damage insurance required.
  • Reduce your customers cost to own a vehicle.

GAP Waivers:

  • Covers the collateral when property damage insurance is required.
  • Protects the customer upon a total loss.
  • Reduces the amount written off.

Vehicle Service Contracts:

  • Provides additional coverage to the customer beyond the warranty.
  • Vehicle service contracts are tailored to the vehicles you sell.
  • Produce additional revenue for the dealership.

Loss Damage Waiver:

  • Protects your collateral from total loss when leasing.
  • Property damage insurance not required.
  • Reduces your customer’s vehicle ownership costs.

All AVP programs are reinsured programs, where you earn the underwriting profits.


When you choose AVP, we make reinsurance simple.

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